Political Education

This section is still under development.  The Communist Party is in the process of preparing a new programme of political education for branches, districts and nations.  This will include study guides to Britain's Road to Socialism and to basic Marxist philosophy, dialectical and historical materalism.  In the meantime, here are tutos' notes to part 1 of the latter.

Class Notes on Dialectical Materialism, Part 1

There is also an excellent resource at the our Scottish comrades' web site:


Leading German communist philospher Hans Heinz Holz was one of the keynote speakers at the Communist University of Britain, held at Ruskin House, Croydon, October 26-28, 2007.  His book, Communists Today, is currently in the process of being translated and will provide a useful resource for self-education and branch discussion.  As chapters are ready, they will be added to this site.


Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Communist Self-Awareness   

Chapter 4: Class Struggle

Chapter 5: Towards a Clear Understanding of Our Epoch

Chapter 6: The General Crisis of Capitalism

Chapter 8: Some Thoughts on Defining the Political Situation